Basketball Report

Year 9 District Basketball Tournament – Winners

Mr Phil Baldwin has been coaching the Year 9 basketball team and taking the girls to matches in the absence of Miss Nixon our student teacher who is currently teaching at Spires completing her alternative school placement. A very big thank you to him from the PE department for his commitment to the team and ensuring that they were able to fulfil all their fixtures this term.

Cordelia Sigurdsson, one of our very talented Year 12 sportswomen went with the team to act as the team manager and organise team substitutions.

The following report was written by Cordy and sent by email to Miss Creaney that night as she was unable to attend the tournament due to her commitment to Year 7 netball club; she couldn’t possibly wait until the morning!

A very big thank you to Cordy too for looking after the girls so ably!

The team:- Hana Williams, Amy Walsh, Evie Siddle, Caris Kibuka, Megan Thomas, Gabby Alankiewicz, Rosie Walsh, Madeline Bourner, Lucy Stanley

Game 1 – v’s QES     Score: 8 – 2

The team didn't seem to take long to get settled into the match and Rosie did some really good dribbling. We had many more shots at goal than QE and the ball always seemed to be down our end. Rosie scored the first goal, and then Gaby the 2nd, 3rd and 4th - the last one being with a BEAUTIFUL layup. 

The girls also had a really short friendly against QES ‘b’ team at this point which was good because I was able to play everyone who didn’t get to play in the first match.

Game 2 – v’s CCW     Score: 6 - 2 

The girls all seemed pretty confident in this game and all played really well. Gaby and Hana made some really good interceptions and Amy scored the first goal  early on. 

Evie was the star of this game, she was a bit quiet to start with but then about 3 minutes in, she just grabbed the ball and did this amazing lay up where she went from our defending end all the way to the attacking end - it was shockingly spectacular and quite unexpected but was greeted with lots of cheers from the side lines. 

Game 3 - vs Canterbury High     Score: 4 - 1 (CHS got a penalty) 

Amy and Hana scored some really good baskets and this was probably the match that they all played the best in (although the score doesn't seem to show this) – they demonstrated some really good ball handling and made some super interceptions and they seemed to finally be getting the whole dropping back idea. Canterbury High were also quite a good team so this probably helped to bring out the best in them. 


Game 4 (THE FINAL) – v’s Barton Court     Score: 2 - 0 

Madeline got the goal about half way through the match and Rosie was so close several times to getting another. It was quite a nerve wracking last game but they definitely deserved to win and I'm so glad it did end in their favour. 

Mr Baldwin and I decided to give player of the season to Gaby and player of the tournament to Amy.

Thank you for asking me to go with them! I had a really good time and it was not nearly as scary as I thought it might be.

Cordelia Sigurdsson - Year 12