Cambridge University Museum of Zoology Trip

Royal Society group visit to the Cambridge University Museum of Zoology

On Wednesday 19th April, a group of y12 and 13 students visited the Cambridge University Museum of Zoology. The museum is currently undergoing refurbishment, before it re-opens in August. Luckily, our Science partner, Dr Ed Turner, is the Curator of Insects and so we were able to take a behind the scenes look at some of the most interesting and historically important specimens. Dr Turner and Russell Stebbings (Senior Museum Technician) guided us through the museum stores, where thousands of specimens are stored. A few of the highlights included: the enormous fin whale skeleton, feathers from the extinct 12ft New Zealand Moa, the last large copper butterflies collected before their extinction in the 1860s and Darwin’s beetle collection. We also learnt about some of the ongoing research projects with interesting talks from Dr Tom White and Dr Sarah Luke. An added bonus was spending the last hour in the very building where Watson and Crick discovered the structure of DNA!

With grateful thanks to Dr Ed Turner, Russel Stebbings, Dr Tom White and Dr Sarah Luke for their fascinating insights into the collections and on-going research, to Mrs Bennett for driving us to and from Cambridge in the minibus and Dr Turner for giving us this unique and very special opportunity.