Vocation, Vocation, Vocation

Vocation, Vocation, Vocation was held on Thursday 20th April 2017.  Organised by the Careers Department, it was an opportunity for students from Years 10, 11 and 12 to meet with current Year 13 students who are holding offers for competitive vocational degrees.  The Year 13 students had prepared carefully and thoroughly to ensure that they could share the wisdom they had gained from their application process. 

Over 60 students attended to learn how to improve their chances of success in careers areas including nursing, midwifery, occupational therapy, pharmacy, medicine, vet medicine, primary teaching, paramedic science, performing arts, flight school, social work and architecture.  Students learned about the importance of work experience and gained important contacts, they heard about how our current students had gone beyond the curriculum to extend and deepen their knowledge.  Year 13 students shared tips for personal statement writing and the importance of interview preparation. The information, advice and guidance was tailored to each year group to ensure each student knew what they needed to do.

Overall it was an extremely successful event and the feedback has been really positive.

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