The Authentic Biology Symposium at the Wellcome Trust

In November, schools taking part in research projects in association with IRIS (Institute of research in schools), presented on their biological research at the Authentic Biology Symposium, held in the Wellcome Trust building. The symposium featured Professor Sir Jim Smith as a keynote speaker, a panel discussion with some biosciences PhD students, and was hosted by the brilliant science presenter Greg Foot. Two of our research groups presented: The Myelin Basic Protein Project and The Orchard project.

Both groups did a wonderful job of presenting their projects and demonstrated excellent understanding of their research both during their presentations and in answering the questions at the end. In addition, it was announced that following the research completed by our students as part of the Orchard project, Wellcome have agreed to fund IRIS to launch it as a nationwide project. This will hopefully result in many other schools investigating the link between Biodiversity and well-being.

Links to videos below:

Entire symposium:

Myelin Basic Protein project:

Orchard project:

sym 3

sym 2