Film Director visits Sixth Form Students

Last Friday, 29th June 2018, we were privileged to host the award-winning film director Clio Barnard, who came to school as part of the Sixth Form IVE programme. Clio was here for a Q & A session with Mr Hanna, Head of Film Studies, and she answered questions about three of her films. The first was The Arbor, a documentary about the Bradford-born playwright Andrea Dunbar and her family, made in 2010. This was followed by two fiction films, The Selfish Giant, made in 2013, and her most recent feature, Dark River, made in 2017.

Our A Level Film students at SLGGS write about The Arbor as part of the syllabus, so it was fascinating to hear from the filmmaker herself how she had come to make such an unusual documentary, using actors who lip-synched to the words of real people from Andrea Dunbar’s life. For the non-specialist Sixth Formers in the audience, it was also illuminating to hear the director talk about how she had got into a creative career following a degree in Fine Arts at university.

Clio was honest and enlightening about the challenges faced by British filmmakers, especially for women entering what is still a male industry in some respects. Clio lives locally, and is a parent of one of our Sixth Formers. When she is not on location or in the studio, she also teaches Film at the University of Kent. We were very lucky that she could find time out of her busy schedule to come and talk to the Sixth Form, and we hope she can come back again next year. Mr Hanna