Examinations Results – Summer 2018

Below is a summary of the outstanding examination results and outcomes achieved by our students in the 2018 examination series. Whilst the official data is not out until later in the year, we are keen to share a short summary of quite how well our students have done. These results represent an incredible amount of hard work from students and staff alike; as part of the Langton family we are sure you share our pride in their achievements.   

A Level (All entries inc. A Level/EPQ/AS Level)

35.5% A*-A

64.5% A*-B

Average Grade: B-

There were some very strong subject outcomes at A Level, including (but not limited to) English (53% A*-A); Maths (43% A*-A); Biology (33% A*-A); Chemistry (39% A*-A); DT (40% A*-A); Geography (43% A*-A); Sports Science (22% A*-A).


82% of Year 13 continued to university, of which 51% will be studying at Russell Group and Top 20 universities. An indication of the range of destinations and courses is listed below:

Lady Margret Hall, Oxford (Experimental Psychology);

King’s College, London (Faculty of Medicine);

St John’s College, Cambridge, (Theology);

The Royal Veterinary College;

King’s College, Cambridge (English);

University of Leicester (School of Medicine);

University College London (School of Pharmacy);

University of Warwick (History and Politics);

University of Surrey (Midwifery);

University of Bath (Psychology);

University of York (Environmental Geography);

University of Sheffield (Engineering);

University of the Arts, London (Fashion Marketing);

University of Edinburgh (Latin);

University of Bristol (Geography);

A number of students are taking gap years or heading for Foundations years before taking places in Further Education, whilst others have started employment and apprenticeships. We wish all leavers the very best for the future, and remind them to keep in touch for future Alumni events (especially our frequent request for help with careers and university talks!)


166 students sat examinations at the end of Year 11. This was the first year in which the majority of the examinations were graded on the 9 to 1 scale, with only two subjects awarding grades at A*-G.

9 to 8 (inc. A*): 36%

9 to 7 (inc. A*-A): 58%

9 to 5 (inc. A*-B): 92%

Our Attainment 8 and Progress 8 figures will be released when published by the Department for Education. We are anticipating that both will rise from 2017.

Once again, congratulations to all Year 11s, and good luck with your continued studies.

At this time of year, with large numbers of Year 7s rushing excitedly about the buildings, and as new groups of students embark upon their A Level and GCSE studies, we should pause to pride ourselves on the opportunities, expertise and support that they will be given to prepare them both academically and emotionally for life beyond our school. At a time when the pressures of teenage life are increasingly under the spotlight, most especially for young women, our school and its ethos are more important than ever. We are a centre of academic excellence; yet whilst results such as those outlined here are an important part of a girl’s journey, it is their personal growth, resilience and well-being, supported by the partnership between school and home, which will ensure they get to their destination.