Student Trip Report - Greece 2018

Our incredible experience began almost immediately after arriving in Athens on Saturday. We walked up the Hill of Muses which provided stunning views of the city and the Acropolis. The following afternoon we visited the site itself, but not before looking around the Acropolis Museum. This was a chance to appreciate the detail of the art and design that would have appeared on the Parthenon and surrounding buildings. Overlooking the broad horizon of city and sea, it was hard to not be struck by how remarkable the structures remain to be over two thousand years since their construction. On Monday, we made our final outing through the city to see the Temple of Zeus and the Panathenaic Stadium. We then departed from the busy atmosphere of Athens to travel to the smaller town of Delphi.

While visiting the museum and archaeological site, we learnt about its significance within the ancient world from our guide which added to our appreciation of the sanctuary. A visit to Olympia followed the next day – a very interesting location especially for those of us who had studied the Ancient Olympics for coursework. The final coach journey led us to the picturesque coastal town of Tolon. We saw the ruins of the citadel at Mycenae, one of the oldest sites that we visited. Returning to the hotel after looking around Atreus’ impressive bee-hive tomb, we spent the evening at leisure in the town. Epidaurus and the Corinth Canal were the last places on our trip but were none the less striking in their appearance. Overall, the trip to Greece was a unique opportunity to better imagine the lives of people living in the classical civilizations that we study. By visiting so many different sites, we really built up a picture of how they would have lived and how their legacy lives on.

Victoria Stone

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