Student Report - First Lego League Regionals 2018


We arrived at the venue at 9:30am. Once we were seated at our table, our ambassador, Jacob, told us what would be on the agenda.

First up was Robot Game Round 1. The technicians for this round were May and I. You’ll be happy to hear that for once both our programs worked, earning us 31 points. It wasn’t much compared to the rest of the teams but it was enough for us.

After only half an hour’s rest, the team programmers went to the judge’s table to give our tech talk. This is when we presented our robot and programming to the judges and explained what it does and why we built it.

We had another short break, before heading over to the competition table for Robot Game Round 2. This one went badly, as I had set the robot’s arm too high, resulting in a comedic failure when it smacked the object, it was meant to gently nudge, across the table.

Thankfully, after that round was over, our next task was one I had been looking forward to, The presentation. Most of the research and planning had been organised by Lia Marziano and Aryana Anisi. For doing that I cannot thank them enough. Despite us overrunning our time limit, our presentation went smoothly and it was apparent that the judges were impressed.

After a hurried lunch, the team returned to the judges, this time to complete the Team Challenge. This is different from the other challenges we’ve faced. The team has no prior knowledge of what will happen and therefore, any planning has to be quick. Thankfully, I think our team, helped by its small size, handled the task with ease. We worked together and our results were something to be proud of. Not the best, of course, but more than satisfactory I would say.

And finally, once we returned to the main competition venue, it was time for the third and final Robot Game round. This one went really badly. We ended up with -10 points but we were sure that our 31 points from the previous round would make up for it.

And then the wait began, waiting for the judges to compare notes and decide the ultimate winner, as well as winners for the separate challenges. I cannot express how nerve wracking it is to sit at your team table and listen to the teams being nominated for an award. I didn’t dare to hope that we had won anything but the presentation award, seeing how hard we’d worked on that.

Sure enough, LASA was the proud owner of the presentation award.

And that’s when I could finally relax and watch the team who won overall come up with a cheer. Or so I assumed.

Even as I write this, is still cannot believe that my team, the team that I had chosen and led, won the overall competition and went onto the nationals. The shock on everyone’s faces was indescribable.

I was, and still am, so proud of everyone in my team.

That was my recount of the 2018 FIRST Lego League Regionals.

Charlotte Bates