Langton STEM Research Symposium

We are pleased to announce that the Langton STEM Research symposium will take place this year on 27th June between 17:30 and 20:00 at Langton Boys School, starting in the school hall. This is your chance to come along and hear students from both the Langton Schools speak about the work they have undertaken this year in the fields of Science, Technology, Mathematics and Engineering (STEM).

If you would like to attend please email and indicate the number of people in your group - this is not a firm booking requirement but it does help us to plan the event.

You will be able to hear presentations, see demonstrations and view posters from a wide variety of groups working on:

• The Formula 1 in Schools project

• Human response to different scents

• Our latest PaveGen project for generating electricity

• A project to develop a forest fire detector

• Tonesight, a project working on painting with sound

• An investigation into Muons, sub atomic particles formed in the upper atmosphere

• An investigation into the radioactive nature of tea

• MBP2, an investigation into the Mylene Basic Protein and it's implication in Multiple Sclerosis

• The link between humanities and Science

• The Orchard project • VEX Robotics competitions

• An investigation into Ionic Liquids

• An investigation into the composition of Vaping fluids

• An investigation into the South Atlantic Anomaly using satellite data

• Decoding the genome of the Human Whipworm

• Radio JOVE, our radio telescope

We hope to see you there!

Click HERE for Stem Poster 1

Click HERE for Stem Poster 2

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