TES School Awards Evening

On Friday night the school was invited to the annual TES School Awards. Held annually, they celebrate the best of education across the country, highlighting the great work undertaken by so many education settings.

We were finalists for our Well World Project, centred on the development of The Orchard area. This project investigates the impact outside spaces have on mental well-being and how exposure for even limited times has physiological and psychological benefits.

Since its inception this project has received support from The Royal Society, Cambridge University and the Institute for Research in Schools (IRIS). What has excited us most is that we are now supporting a number of other schools, who are looking to develop their own nature areas and use these to improve well-being, with numbers growing every month.

None of this would have been possible without the passion, commitment and tireless effort of Mrs Goodfellow and Dr Vaughan. Her evangelical approach to development of our outside spaces continue to have a remarkable impact on the biodiversity and sustainability of our expansive site. In this we have a resource that very few state schools can boast, in total 103,300m² or approximately 25 acre. Plans are already being drawn up for how we can develop our outside spaces to the benefit of our students and staff with our new building starting, and, to avoid any confusion in that statement, have absolutely no plans to sell any of it off!

Thank you to Mrs Goodfellow and the other teachers, students and parents who have helped in the development of the Orchard, and look out for further developments in the future.

sam g

Mrs Goodfellow and the panda presented to her by the WWF, sponsors of the award.