Alumni Open Day

On Saturday 22nd June 2019 we welcomed several hundred former students to the school for our inaugural Alumni open day.

Our school has played a major role in the education of the women of Canterbury and the surrounding towns and villages for nearly 140 years, a time that has seen society change in ways, few if any, could have imagined when those first Langton girls set foot in the old school in 1881.  Yet on Saturday, when the women who attended, spanned over 80 years of the life of our school, the impact of Langton Girls’ was there for all to see.

From the women who sat their maths exams, hands shaking, as doodlebugs rattled overhead, to the first to be taught at our new school; from those who embraced Mr Stanton with such warmth upon his arrival, to those who only left in the past couple of years, they shared sorority and the impact their time at Langton Girls’ has had was evident for all to see.

It was particularly lovely that so many mothers, grandmothers, even great-grandmothers, have sent their daughters to our school, and to see so many current Langton parents reminiscing about their time at the school underlined the auspicious nature of our alumni reunion on Saturday.

It was also an opportunity for former students to find out about the new building and to invite themselves back to see the site when development is complete!  We’ve already promised a summer 2022 open day, but are looking to hold more regular Alumni events, especially as we are aware that there were many former students who were unable to attend this time.

To this end we are very keen to set up an Alumni committee to oversee and develop further our Alumni, to ensure that the pride the joy and spirit of our Langton family continues its journey  touching on minds and dreams and characters of our present and future students.  We will give more information soon.

Photo Gallery can be found HERE