Art Student Success for the John Downton Awards 2020

This year, despite all the challenges our students have faced, so many were keen to enter this prestigious competition. We were absolutely delighted that a record number of 17 students were selected for the online exhibition. In addition to this amazing success, we also had two prize winners: Selma M in Year 11 was awarded the prize for Painting (in the 11-16 category) and Maddie M in Year 12  achieved the Silver Award (in the 11-16 category).  

A massive congratulations to you all!  

The Art Department  

Please view the gallery HERE



About the awards

The John Downton Award for Young Artists is an annual exhibition which encourages and celebrates the creativity of Kent's young artists. It is open to students aged 11 to 18 from schools and colleges across Kent. 

The award is hosted by us on behalf of the John Downton Trust. The exhibition commemorates the life and work of John Downton, the celebrated Kent artist, poet and philosopher.