Langton Election 2015

Langton Election 2015: Going Green

To coincide with the General Election, Simon Langton Girls' Grammar got into the election spirit by running its own election campaign. Candidates and campaign teams were chosen and the contest began after the Easter Holiday with the ‘Meet the Candidates’ election launch events, to the upper and lower school.


Asimaki, Victoria   -   Labour Party

Bennett, Charlie  -   Liberal Democrats

Hunt, Trinity  -  Conservative Party

Meades, Finley - United Kingdom Independence Party

Sowden, Eleanor  - Green Party

The candidates and their teams began campaigning and very quickly discovered the UK tradition of satirical poster campaigns, which created a great deal of interest around the school. With election fever brewing the candidates faced their biggest challenge, an election hustings event, facing questions in front of the Upper School. When 7th May arrived many students in the Sixth Form staffed the polling stations and big thanks goes out to all of those involved. As the polling stations closed it was clear that polling had been close between the two leading parties, the Sixth Form and KS4 results being recounted to check for accuracy. In the end there could be only one winner with Eleanor Sowden (Green Party) narrowly defeating Victoria Asimaki (Labour). The turnout was above the national average with 82% of the school roll voting despite absences due to examinations and trips.  Well done to all the candidates on a great campaign and for showing that at Simon Langton Politics is thriving!