Food Technology

Key Stage 3

All schemes of work fall in line with the NC Programmes of Study for Cooking and Nutrition. Pupils cook a repertoire of predominantly healthy main meals.

Year 7 and 8 – half of the year group studies the subject for one lesson a week in Year 7 and the remainder studies it in Year 8. Lessons are a mixture of theory and practicals.

All lessons are delivered through a combination of practical and theory approaches with opportunities for individual and group work. Students are encouraged to adapt the school recipes to accommodate dietary needs and personal preferences.

Students in Year 9 study the subject through the school’s Enrichment Programme for part of the year. Following an introduction into the nutritional requirements of teenagers and body image, students undertake a series of practical lessons. This course provides the opportunity for the development of important life skills and raises awareness of the teenage life stage.


Year Group

Areas of Study

7 & 8

Project 1: Hygiene, Safety and Kitchen Skills

Project 2: Salads and Healthy Eating

Project 3: Baked Products

Project 4: Healthy Meals for Young People