Key Stage 3

Studying history at Simon Langton Girls Grammar will encourage your analytical thinking and develop your sense of curiosity.

Year Group

Areas of Study


Unit 1: What are the key skills that make a great History detective?

Unit 2: Was William the Conqueror’s victory at Hastings due to his good luck or Harold Godwin’s poor preparation?

Unit 3: Religion, Rats and Revolt: What was life like in the Middle Ages?

Unit 4: Anthropology and Archaeology: Using artefacts from the Incan Empire to explore their rise and fall.


Unit 1: Gunpowder, Treason and Plot: Which interpretation is most accurate about the events of 1605?

Unit 2: Why did Charles I lose his head?

Unit 3: ‘Am I not a man and a brother?’ What were the most important facilitators of the abolition of slavery movement?

Unit 4: ‘Do you hear the people sing?’ What caused the French to abolish their King?


Unit 1: Why did two bullets cause the First World War?

Unit 2: Is the ‘Lions led by Donkeys’ theory an accurate interpretation of soldiers experiences in the First World War?

Unit 3: Why did the 1930s become an era of dictators?

Unit 4: Was appeasement the main cause of the Second World War?

Key Stage 4

Subject: History (AQA)

Link to other subjects/degrees/careers:

History is a key facilitation subject. It is based around core skills of information analysis and processing. As such History links to virtually all careers and educational paths at GCSE. The direct career paths that are open to history students include:

  • Law
  • Archaeology
  • Journalism
  • Teaching
  • Research

The Russell Group Universities have noted that students who apply to study mathematics and science based courses benefit from the alternative perspective that a history course offers.

We are very proud of the number of students studying History who go on to study History, Philosophy, Politics and Economics or Government and Politics at university. We have also had students who have entered local and national politics.

Skills/competencies developed:

  • Information processing
  • Analysis
  • Conclusion forming
  • Research


Paper 1: Health and The People C1000-present day. Elizabethan England, 1568-1603

Paper 2: America: Consolidation and Expansion 1840-1845, Conflict and Tension 1918-1939