Students from Years 7 to 11 have one 60 minute lesson a week. The students cover a range of relevant and interesting topics that help equip them for adult life. The lessons are delivered in a sensitive and supporting manner to help the students to develop their understanding and explore their own personal views and issues on a variety of topics. It is delivered in a spiral curriculum where topics are revisited and understanding developed and deepened. The lessons are enjoyable and engaging and look at issues of choice, risk, and consequence. The students also have lessons in study skills, looking at organisation, time management, revision strategies and techniques. Topics such as Sexuality and Mental Health are also explored. Relationship and Sex Education also feature in the PSHEE lessons. Some of the careers’ education is also delivered in these lessons - looking at decision making skills, and Year 9 options choices. Internet safety also features in the scheme of work with lessons about bullying, sexting and grooming. Finally, lessons on budgeting and money management are a key aspect of PSHEE also preparing them for adult life.

This year we are delivering a new programme in Year 7, 8 & 9. The programme will be delivered over three years, and the content of each year will build hierarchically on the previous year. Consistent with developmental consideration, the primary focus will change across the three years of the programme. Skills which contribute to building a strong sense of self will be the major emphasis in Year 7, with sense of control and sense of purpose also considered.

Year 8 topics will include self-image, building self-esteem, and introduction to emotions, emotional regulation and stress reduction.

The major emphasis in Year 9 is a sense of belonging with further emphasis on sense of control. Skills to be taught as part of the Year 9 curriculum will include social skills and social problem solving.

Thinking and planning skills (including more advanced cognitive skills) will be taught in Year 10, in order to focus on building strong senses of purpose and of future.

External Organisations who come in and deliver workshops within PSHEE lessons:

KCA (Addaction)

Kent Fire and Rescue

Kenward Trust

Time to Change




LGBT Society

Mindfulness Club

Mental Health Champions

Mind and Body Group