Religious Education


Year Group

Areas of Study


Hinduism: Origins and development, Beliefs about God, Stories of the Gods, Karma and Samsara, Ceremonies, Festivals

Buddhism: Origins and development, the Buddha’s enlightenment, The Four Sights, The Eightfold Path, Festivals, Buddhism today

Sikhism: Origins and development, Beliefs about God, Gurus, the Gurdwara and worship, Ceremonies, Festivals


You will study the origins and development, key beliefs and teachings, sacred texts, festivals and ceremonies of the Abrahamic Faiths – Judaism, Christianity and Islam


Philosophy of Religion: Cosmological and Teleological arguments for the existence of God, Science vs Faith, The Big Bang and Evolution, Creationism, Liberalism and Fundamentalism, Miracles, Faith and Healing

Life After Death: Religious views of life after death, near death experiences, science and the afterlife, humanism, life after death and morality

Holocaust: study of antisemitism, events of the Holocaust, spiritual resistance, the problem of evil and suffering




Outline of the Course

  • Component 1: Study of two religions (Buddhism and Christianity) – beliefs, teachings and practices
  • Component 2: Thematic Studies (Themes A, B, E and F) – Different religious perspectives on the issues within our society
  • Theme A: Relationships and Families – Religious teachings about sexuality, divorce and marriage, contraception and gender equality
  • Theme B: Religion and life – The origins and value of the universe and of human life – abortion, euthanasia and animal experimentation
  • Theme E: Religion, crime and punishment – corporal punishment; the death penalty and forgiveness
  • Theme F: Religion, human rights and social justice – the status of women in religion; the uses of wealth; freedom of religious expression



Type of Assessment




Two compulsory five-part questions will be set on each of the two religions in Component 1

1 hour 45 minutes



One compulsory five-part question will be set for each of the 4 themes in Component 2

1 hour 45 minutes