Structure of Governing Body

Simon Langton Girls’ Grammar School - Governing Body Structure

The following groups/roles make up the structure of the governing body:

Chair of Governors

Vice Chair of Governors


Guidance Committee (which has a Chair)

Learning and Development Committee (which has a Chair)

Pay Review Panel (which has a Chair)   

Resources Committee (which has a Chair)

Strategy Committee (which has a Chair)    


Pupil Appeals/Grievance/Discipline/Complaints        

Panel (Chair will be appointed for each matter considered)


Racial Equality/SEN & D Governor        

Health and Safety Governor        

Training Governor         

Safeguarding & E Safety Governor        

Investor in Careers Governor    


Endowment Trust (Simon Langton School Charity)


Clerk to the Governors

At times it may be necessary for the governing body to form a temporary committee to address a specific matter (this may be a confidential matter and if this is the case the committee will not be shown on this page).