Music Technology

“ The viability of this course is dependent on the numbers of students who wish to study Music Tech at A – Level in 2017’’

Entry Criteria

B in ICT + BB in Science + B in Physics

What does the course involve?

This course is suited for those with an interest in the music and recording industries. Referring to all forms of technology involved with the musical arts, electronic devices used to assist in recording, play back and storing music. Music Technology plays a key part in the development of music from around the world. The course involves getting to grips with the latest music technology as well as recording and mixing tracks performed in a recording studio.

Students will develop practical skills and theoretical knowledge in music technology. Students complete three pieces of coursework at AS and A2 level with a logbook explaining the processes they went through when completing each task. Students complete an examination at the end of AS and A2 level.

The AS /A2 courses are broken down into:

  • A sequenced performance of a piece of music set by the exam board. At AS level you will be given a musical score to work from. You will recreate the song so it sounds as close to the original track as possible
  • A multi-track recording of a song of your choice using microphone and direct input techniques
  • A sequenced arrangement in a style given by the exam board. You get a choice of two songs and two styles and you get to show your creativity. At A2 level you create a composition rather than an arrangement
  • The listening examination at AS level tests you on various genres of music and technology over the past hundred years. The Analysing and Producing examination at A2 level expects you to edit, manipulate and mix down audio tracks given by the exam board and complete a written part on an element of music technology.

What do I need to join the course?

It is useful to have at least Grade C in GCSE Music or Merit in BTEC Music or another Graded exam in performance or theory. If you haven’t studied Music at school then you must demonstrate experience and enthusiasm for playing music and using music technology through audition and interview. It is beneficial to have some music theory knowledge and basic keyboard skills as these will help you with the listening and sequencing parts of the course.

How will I be assessed?

  • A written examination and listening paper (30% at AS and 40% at A2 level)
  • Externally assessed coursework (70% at AS and 60% at A2 level)

A level Music Technology is considered an academic qualification and is therefore accepted by universities for a wide range of courses. There are now a number of degree courses in sound engineering that specifically look for A-Level Music Technology as an entry requirement.