The Langton Extended Curriculum

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As part of their timetable, all Year 12 students enrol for a Research Project, take part in the Intellectual Vision and Endeavour (IVE) programme, study an Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) and follow the Careers Curriculum.

Many of our students enrol for our elective programmes and join our four specialist centres of excellence; the Mind Lab@SLGGS, the Langton Language Centre, the Langton Music School and the Sport England Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme (TASS).


Research Projects are timetabled on Wednesday afternoons:

The Orchard Project@SLGGS

Students involved in this award-winning project will have the opportunity to:

Carry out conservation and maintenance activities within the Orchard such as planting trees, weeding, maintaining the pond, pruning hedgerow etc. The area devoted to wildlife will be increasing next year due to the demolition of the old school building, so there is lots to do!

Set up trail cameras and use the footage to produce short video clips to upload to the school website.

Take part in a research project to study the impact of biodiversity on psychological and physiological well-being of SLGGS students. The research involves measuring the impact of taking a walk in different environments on feelings of well-being (measured using a questionnaire) and physical factors such as pulse rate and blood pressure.

Work with our Science Partner for this project, Dr Turner. He is a highly regarded entomologist and conservationist at the University of Cambridge.


After signing a confidentiality agreement, students work with industry experts to analyse the chemical make-up of perfume and effect that smells have on humans.


Students use a particle detector from CERN to carry out autonomous research including the angle at which the sensor affects the number of muons detected or, more recently, the awarding winning research conducted into the radioactive properties of tea.


Working with lecturers that teach stand-up comedy at UKC, students work to obtain a platform to deliver their own material and investigate the ways in which comedy can empower young people; giving them a voice, defusing tension and stress, creating friendships and connections.


The Philosophy Project @ SLGGS has been designed to introduce you to some of the most influential thinkers of our modern world and to engage with life's 'big questions'. Philosophy can be defined as 'the study of the ultimate nature of existence, reality, knowledge and goodness, as discoverable by human reasoning.' (Penguin English Dictionary). In the Philosophy Project you will be challenged to explore your own morality and understanding of the nature of knowledge and existence.

Greenpower F24@SLGGS

The Greenpower Project is an electric race car designed and built to enter the Greenpower Electric Car Championships against other schools Nationally. The car was built by the current year 12’s (chassis, motor, seat, steering, wheels etc and it drives!) but now needs a body fitting and the set up refining (telemetry, safety, brakes etc) – the car drives well and we have had fun this year already! You will be part of a team of approx. 12 and will need to be keen, hands on with tools and have an interest in engineering. Sessions will be workshop based with some testing on the school field – do not think you are signing up to drive a car every week! We also want to attract some local sponsorship to brand the car with and help support us financially for the next stage – racing!


Students engage with the theory of archives and analyse materials and artefacts that have been never accessed by academics before at the First and Second World War archives at Dover Castle. This year, students will be collating their projects as part of an innovative online exhibition.


Debate: discussion, development, discernment. There is no better way to clarify your ideas than to test them out among a group of your forthright, articulate, vigorously arguing peers. Come prepared to hear arguments on a given topic, to write a short speech, to support your colleagues as they write theirs, to listen and vote on the motion. You might be surprised at the results; and surprised at yourself, and what you can do faced with a challenge. Open Minds: opening your mind.

ChangeYourMind@SLGGS (starting in January 2022)

Are you interested in a career working with children and young people? This exciting programme, that we are launching for the first time, could be just the thing you need! This programme is a project that offers research skills, coaching skills, and can help you overcome personal anxieties to cope with many skills you may have to use in the workplace. This will also make your CV and personal statement stand out. You will work as a team and also independently. You will develop your ideas from the ground up – initially developing resources to use with primary school children in their school, or at SLGGS if the children are able to visit us. You will also approach primary schools to offer the workshops. You will be given time to research and train to mentor Y5/6 children in topics such as internet safety, positive body image, hygiene and mental health and wellbeing. Young children will look up to you and take on board this information from someone who is closer in age to them than a teacher! We will support you with all aspects of the training. This project is already run in many other schools and has been very successful and is gaining excellent recognition nationwide.


The IVE Programme is timetabled every Friday morning in Year 12.

The IVE Programme encourages a culture of intellectual expansion through a programme of weekly innovative and visionary lectures and original research projects delivered by subject specialists, professors, doctors and world leading experts in their field.

Our students’ participation in ground breaking research since 2018 has led to hugely reduced offers from universities and helped students to make the transition between school and university.


EPQ lessons are timetabled in January in Year 12.

The EPQ is an independent project carried out by the student with the help of one of our expert supervisors. Students choose to write a 5,000 word dissertation or scientific report or an essay supplemented with an artefact or a performance.

In 2019, 58% of students achieved an A* - A Grade and 85% achieved an A* - B grade and led to reduced offers from universities, developed essential ‘soft’ or transferrable skills and had a positive effect on outcomes at A Level.


Tutorials take place in Terms 4 and 5 and ‘Careers Lessons’ are timetabled in Term 6.

Simon Langton Girls’ Grammar holds the Investors in Careers quality award and is identified as ‘the leading school in Britain for the quality of its careers programme’ (The Key for School Leaders).

One of only three schools in the country to achieve all of the 8 Gatsby Benchmarks (State of the Nation report), our careers programme ensures that students ‘have their education or training futures organised’ (Ofsted).

All students have ‘Careers Lessons’ to begin the process of planning for their future including UCAS, Degree Apprenticeships, School Leavers Programmes, Employment or Gap Year.

Our Careers Fair, Study Abroad Fair and ‘Future Evening’ and ‘Finance Evening’, run by recruitment specialists and admissions tutors, means that our students understand their progression routes, understand the benefits of networking and how to manage money.

Unlimited 1:1 careers guidance appointments throughout Years 12 and 13, personal statement clinics and mock interview panels means that our students benefit from being part of a school where ‘comprehensive support for university applications is a strength’ (Ofsted).


Many students enrol in to one of our ‘Centres of Excellence’.

Mind Lab@SLGGS

Our ground breaking centre for psychological research and enquiry opened in 2019 and is the first school based centre of its kind in the country.

Students work alongside Mrs Homerston, Director of the Mind Lab, and academics from the University of Kent to carry out cutting edge research, psychological experiments and inform whole school policy on mobile phone use or how students experience positive emotions or what affects peer relations.

Langton Language Centre (LLC)@SLGGS

A hub of excellence for languages, students can learn to Teach English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) and a plethora of ‘unusual’ languages like Korean, Arabic, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Mandarin or Polish.

Ab Initio courses in Spanish, an increasing portfolio of lectures on topics such as Austrian literary culture, the Cuban Revolution or on ‘Why French is like Cockney’ sit side by side conferences, trips and the work our students do with academics from the University of Kent and Canterbury Christ Church.

The ‘Active Minds’ Project, in conjunction with completing a language leaders course explores the effect of learning a language on the mind and dementia. An exploration of the linguistic heritage of the British Isles gives students the opportunity to find out about why Latin, French and German phrases exist in our society today. Research into the use of standardised English and ‘Aylesham-onics’ – an exploration of the language history of Aylesham and their particular ‘dialect’ – are other areas that our Sixth Formers have investigated.

Sport England Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme (TASS)

Run by university sport scientists, strength and conditioning coaches, nutritionists, psychologists, lifestyle practitioners and UK Anti-Doping Educators, SLGGS is one of only a tiny handful of institutions in England which gives our elite athletes access to this programme.

The TASS scheme helps athletes in education – aged 16-plus – to get the very best from their sporting and academic careers without having to choose between the two with sports including Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Football, Netball, Rugby, Shooting, Swimming, Tennis and Triathlon.

Langton Music School

Students who have an interest in singing, playing, conducting or events planning have been involved in music tours from France to Austria, Belgium to the ‘Five Cathedrals in a Day’ tour in England.

There is an abundance of ensembles, choirs, a full orchestra and a Sixth Form Barbershop which means that even those who do not study Music at A Level can continue to pursue their love of music outside the curriculum.


Elective programmes are optional and run during lunchtimes:

Pathway to Medics, Dentists, Vets (MDV)@SLGGS

MDV has 100% success rate in securing offers in Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Medicine for the last 7 years. Weekly meetings help students prepare for success and the programme runs in parallel to the equally successful Pathway to Healthcare, which has also had 100% success in securing students’ places.

Pathway to Oxbridge@SLGGS

Our very successful specialist support programme for students who wish to apply for highly competitive courses at Oxford and Cambridge. We have a success rate more than twice the national average and increased numbers year on year.

Pathway to the Ivy League@SLGGS

Applying to universities in the US is a highly complex process and we are delighted that our preparation programme has had such success in securing places including Harvard and the leading design college in the US.

Pathway to Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE) and Law@SLGGS

The PPE and Law pathways form part of our specialist Pathways to the Professions programmes that run to help students secure places in highly competitive courses. The PPE programme, for example, introduces our students to the study of the great modern works of economic, political and philosophical thought through an innovative series of tutorials and speakers as we help students understand ethical judgements, determine how resources are allocated and evaluate the choices that political systems must regularly make. The Pathway to Law programme harnesses the skills and experiences of judges, barristers, solicitors and legal executives to secure students’ places in law degrees and degree apprenticeships.

Pathway to Engineering@SLGGS

New for 2021 is our Pathway to Engineering which will be run by our Design Engineering, Maths and Physics Departments to encourage the interdisciplinary approach that is at the heart of a career in engineering. This exciting opportunity will enable you to work with industry specialists and academics and provide you with a competitive edge.

Pathway to Apprenticeship

Securing a place on a degree apprenticeship is tough! The most competitive vacancies in the UK require a specialist approach. This programme has secured students places on degree apprenticeships in Engineering at Jaguar Land Rover and BMW Mini, in Structural Engineering at Blue Consulting, at the ITV legal department as a Legal Executive and at PWC as a Tax Accountant.