Intellectual Vision and Endeavour (IVE) Programme

The IVE Programme encourages a culture of intellectual expansion through a programme of innovative and visionary lectures and original research projects which embodies the principles of academic endeavour. The IVE Programme also provides a link to the original spirit of the Langton Girls’ Grammar School and the symbol of the ivy leaf which the girls used to wear to Commemoration in the nineteenth century.

The Sixth-Form Programme

Experts give lectures as part of the IVE programme and run an associated research group for students to sign up to.

  • Lectures ensure that students receive a broad intellectual experience.
  • Project work associated with a student’s chosen lecture topic extends their research, synthesis, analytical and evaluative skills within this area.


  • In term 6, the Langton Girls’ Grammar holds the IVEFest as a celebration of the original and innovative research being undertaken in the school.
  • Groups plan and deliver an interactive workshop which explains their research process and findings and run a festival stall. 

IVEve Fringe Fest

  • A forum which delivers research to wider audiences including parents and members of the community.


  • A companion society which provides practical experience of university seminars. 
  • Each term the hIVE society considers a specific theme in order to provide a focused forum for cross-curricular debate.
  • Lecturers, teachers, or students are invited to give a short paper on a termly topic, which is then be followed by a chaired debate.

The IVE Committee

  • The Committee is made up of a selection of Sixth Form students who wish to engage with the principles of the IVE programme and assist in the promotion of the programme.