On Wednesday afternoons, all Sixth Form students enrol for a research project as part of the 'Langton Extended Curriculum'.

The Orchard Project@SLGGS

Having been awarded a Royal Society partnership grant to carry out research into the impact of biodiversity on well-being, students work with the Biology Department and ecologists from the University of Cambridge who have extensive experience in ecosystems as part of this award winning project.

Mind Lab@SLGGS

Students will work with Psychology teachers and researchers from the University of Kent to uncover how Smart phone usage in schools affects the minds and well-being of young people.


Students work with a global network of social entrepreneurs, innovators, business leaders, policy makers and activists to build an ‘’Everyone a Changemaker’’ world.


After signing a confidentiality agreement, students work with industry to analyse the chemical make-up of perfume and effect that smells have on humans.

Greenpower F24@SLGGS

We inspire our students to excel in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) through a unique challenge: to design, build and race an electric car. Our students compete at Greenpower events in the UK and other countries including the USA, Poland and China. The annual international Final takes place at the UK’s Silverstone National Circuit.


As part of our award winning project, our students are trained in the use of a particle detector as used in CERN which is attached to a laptop or PC. They then carry out autonomous research on a variety of related subjects. Projects completed include the angle at which the sensor affects the number of muons detected and the radioactive properties of tea. They have presented this information at IRIS (the Institute for Research in Schools) and created their own ‘’Langton tea’’ in the process.


Students investigate the ways in which comedy can empower young people; giving them a voice, defusing tension and stress, creating friendships and connections. Working with lecturers that teach stand-up comedy at UKC, students work to obtain a platform to deliver their own material.


The Philosophy Project @ SLGGS has been designed to introduce you to a range of history’s most influential thinkers, from Aristotle and Descartes to Peter Signer. You will explore some of the key concepts behind each philosopher’s work and the effect these ideas have had on the wider world. Philosophy can be defined as ‘the study of the ultimate nature of existence, reality, knowledge and goodness, as discoverable by human reasoning’ (Penguin English Dictionary), and this project will allow you to consider, question and respond to some fundamental questions about human nature.


ArchIVE is an exciting opportunity to delve into the world of long-kept secrets and heart-wrenching tales of the past.  You will engage with the theory of archives in the first term and engage in seminar debates about how the past should be constructed and re-constructed for different audiences.  You will then work on-site at the Cold War and First World War archives at Dover Castle, with leading experts in their field, on how to research and analyse materials and artefacts that have been accessed by academics before.  This is a rare chance to create your own exhibition of the past which will be publicly displayed.


Over a 3 week cycle, students will study, analyse and evaluate arguments in favour of a controversial topic, arguments against and then debate the issue (First topic: ‘’Is Twitter right to ban Trump?’’)


Students will study, analyse and evaluate the latest research conducted in to wellbeing and mental health.