Research Projects are timetabled on Wednesday afternoons:

The Orchard Project@SLGGS

Students involved in this award-winning project will have the opportunity to:

  • Carry out conservation and maintenance activities within the Orchard such as planting trees, weeding, maintaining the pond, pruning hedgerow etc. The area devoted to wildlife has been increased due to the demolition of the old school building
  • Set up trail cameras and use the footage to produce short video clips to upload to the school website
  • Take part in a research project to study the impact of biodiversity on psychological well-being of SLGGS students. The research involves measuring the impact of taking a walk in different environments on feelings of well-being (measured using a questionnaire) and physical factors such as pulse rate and blood pressure
  • Work with our science partner for this project, Dr Turner. He is a highly regarded entomologist and conservationist at the University of Cambridge

The Orchard Project has recently won a Green School Award in the Nature Conservation Category.


After signing a confidentiality agreement, students work with industry experts to analyse the chemical make-up of perfume and effect that smells have on humans.


Students use a particle detector from CERN to carry out autonomous research including the angle at which the sensor affects the number of muons detected or, more recently, the award winning research conducted into the radioactive properties of tea.


Working with lecturers that teach stand-up comedy at UKC, students work to obtain a platform to deliver their own material and investigate the ways in which comedy can empower young people; giving them a voice, defusing tension and stress, creating friendships and connections.


The Philosophy Project@SLGGS has been designed to introduce you to some of the most influential thinkers of our modern world and to engage with life’s ‘big questions’. Philosophy can be defined as ‘the study of the ultimate nature of existence, reality, knowledge and goodness, as discoverable by human reasoning.’ (Penguin English Dictionary). In the Philosophy Project you will be challenged to explore your own morality and understanding of the nature of knowledge and existence.

Greenpower F24@SLGGS

The Greenpower Project is an electric race car designed and built to enter the Greenpower Electric Car Championships against other schools nationally. The car was built by the current Year 13’s (chassis, motor, seat, steering, wheels etc and it drives!) and our Year 12 cohort are currently fitting and refining (telemetry, safety, brakes etc) the set-up – the car drives well and we have had fun this year already! You will be part of a team of approximately 12 and will need to be keen, hands on with tools and have an interest in engineering. Sessions will be workshop based with some testing on the school field – do not think you are signing up to drive a car every week! We also want to attract some local sponsorship to brand the car with and help support us financially for the next stage – racing!


Students engage with the theory of archives and analyse materials and artefacts that have never been accessed by academics before, based at the Cold War and First World War archives at Dover Castle. This year, students will be collating their projects as part of an innovative online exhibition. 


Debate: discussion, development, discernment. There is no better way to clarify your ideas than to test them out among a group of your forthright, articulate, vigorously arguing peers. We have proposed and contested motions for debate on everything from the abolition of the monarchy to Twitter’s banning of Donald Trump. Come prepared to hear arguments on a given topic, to write a short speech, to support your colleagues as they write theirs, to listen and vote on the motion. You might be surprised at the results; and surprised at yourself, and what you can do faced with a challenge. Open Minds: opening your mind.