Wednesday Afternoon Programme

On Wednesday afternoons, all Sixth Form students enrol for a research project, a sporting activity or design their own bespoke programme as part of the ‘’Langton Extended Curriculum’’.

Research projects

Astronomy: Students learn to use optical telescopes, the radio telescope and help arrange public observing evenings.

Beetles: Students investigate the effect temperature has on the iridescence of beetle casings.

CERN@Sea: Students make use of radiation data from a sensor fitted to an autonomous research vessel

Ionic Liquids: Make a liquid salt and investigate its properties.

LUCID: Monitoring cosmic rays using data from a satellite

RAY: Monitor radiation around the UK and beyond with data from a network of schools

Vaping: Make use of high level gas chromatography equipment at the University of Kent to analyse the content of vaping solutions

Whipworm: Identify the genes from the human whipworm to help combat a neglected tropical disease

Myelin Basic Protein (MBP2) Project

Novel biomedical research into a protein associated with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) supported by research scientists from the University of Kent,

The Orchard Project

Having been awarded a Royal Society partnership grant to carry out research into the impact of biodiversity on well-being, students work with the Biology Department and Dr Ed Turner, an ecologist from the University of Cambridge, who has extensive experience in UK and SE Asian ecosystems.

Sporting activities

Netball, football, hockey, basketball and rugby are all offered at elite level. Badminton, weights, yoga, dodgeball, climbing or swimming are all sports that are also available to students on Wednesday afternoons.

Bespoke programme

Students can choose from a wide variety of courses from which to construct their own bespoke programme, organise their own work experience or volunteer as part of a personal Enrichment option. Students can also take the initiative and undertake activities which are of direct value to them and their future.