Minimum Entry Criteria

Guarantees a place on the course: 7 in German


Welsh Board

Outline of the Course

  • Unit 1: Speaking – This unit comprises of 2 parts. The first part is a discussion on a topic chosen by the student. The second part is based on a stimulus card on one of the themes covered at A level and ensuing discussion.
  • Unit 2: Listening, reading and translation – Students will be asked to transfer meaning from a number of audio texts and reading texts through multi choice questions, gap filling and question and answer type responses.
  • Unit 3: Critical and analytical response in writing – Students will be asked to write two essays based on a text and / or a film which has been studied in class.
  • Units covered include: travel and exploration, diversity and difference, contemporary youth culture and The making of modern Germany 1989 onwards
  • Texts and films – Ich fühle mich so fifty fifty (novel) and Goodbye Lenin (film)



Type of Assessment




Examination: Oral assessment – discussion on chosen topic followed by discussion based on a stimulus card

21-23 minutes



Examination: Listening, reading and translation from target language to English and English to target language

2 hours 30 minutes



Examination: Writing assessment – based on texts or film

2 hours



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