Our Ethos

Our School Our Ethos 

It is an exciting time in the history of the two Simon Langton schools. In the past few months we have established a strong working partnership between the girls’ and boys’ schools and already we are seeing the benefits. During the next few years the two schools will continue to work together to ensure that we share the very best of both Langtons to create one of the finest schools in the country.  

The two Langtons share a common mission and sense of purpose; together we aim to create strong-minded, creative, critical and innovative young men and women who have a passionate commitment to the proud traditions of their schools, to their communities and to the wider world. 

Many Langton students move on to the very best universities, drama schools and musical conservatoires. After their formal education we expect nearly all our past students to work in professions where they will need to make decisions influencing the lives of others. In short, they will be the leaders of tomorrow. 

A Langton education is not just about academic achievement, it is concerned with developing the intellectual, emotional and personal skills which make successful adults who will make a positive impact in the future world.