The Langton Journey

The enrichment curriculum and achieving the vision of Simon Langton Girls’ Grammar School

Being a student at the Girls’ Langton will be a personal challenge.  You will have to work hard in your academic subjects and prepare for future exams.  But there is much more to be gained from the next seven years.  These are the years when you will grow into an adult and the Girls’ Langton will help you to develop into a thoughtful, considerate, strong-minded and compassionate adult who is determined to make a difference with her life and to contribute to making a better world.

During your years at the Girls’ Langton there will be many opportunities for you to take part in activities outside lessons; sports, drama, art, music, dance, competitions, public speaking, debating, charity work, community projects, experiments and much, much more.  Each year the opportunities get a little harder and more challenging.  More will be expected of you as you grow older.  And with each year you will learn more about yourself and the difference you can make to your own life as well as to the lives of others.

During their seven years at the school, students embark upon their personal Langton Journey. Together they develop a shared set of values and learning behaviours, qualities expected from all. We call these the Langton Values.

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