The Intellectual Vision and Endeavour Programme aims to encourage a culture of intellectual expansion as an integral part of the Langton Extended Curriculum. It not only develops a rich affiliation with the rigours of academic study and strategic vision, but also develops the transferrable traits that are needed in a developing global employment sector. In Key Stage 5 students access lectures given by academics at the very top of their field and will have the opportunity to craft their own companion research projects spiralling from an annual theme. The Programme increases student resilience by emphasising the importance of both independent study and independence of thought, facilitated by their involvement in workshops and seminars in which students question and debate with our guest academics. Our highest achieving students are also given the opportunity to research, craft and deliver a dynamic and interactive learning experience for our younger students so that they can hand the intellectual baton on, and leave a lasting and inspiring impression of what a Langton student should aspire to achieve.

Key Stage 3

In Key Stage 3, students develop independent learning skills such as extended research, debating, problem-solving and project crafting.  Students are encouraged to drive their own learning through asking questions about the world around us and suggesting topics that they research both individually and interdependently.  This is reflected in our style of assessment, which incorporates the following:

  • Reflections: A reflection will be a small written piece of work that students will complete at least once a term.  It includes a selective summary and evaluation of the ideas explored in IVE lessons, as well as opportunities to explore the concepts of ‘Vision’ and ‘Endeavour’.
  • Vivas: Students will be required to research and compile a written report for the written part of their viva.  They will also undergo a verbal viva, which provides an opportunity to discuss research further and respond to questions from teachers. 

Year Group

Areas of Study


What does it mean to be human?

Is exploration the result of human curiosity?

Words, words, words: How and why did humans develop verbal communication?


To Rule or Be Ruled: How has the relationship between the state and the people developed?


Visual Literacy and Culture

ActIVE Venture: Year 9 Term 6

The Brief: To create an exhibition which will engage visitors with the experiences of women associated with St Augustine’s Abbey in partnership with English Heritage.  Students will have the opportunity to work alongside industry experts to gain first-hand experience in the Conservation and Heritage industry.