Pupil Premium


  1. To narrow the gap between the disadvantaged students by addressing inequalities and raising the attainment of these students.
  2. To improve the self-esteem of students entitled to PPG through personalised pastoral care and additional extracurricular activities.

During the financial year 2014/15 Simon Langton Girls’ Grammar School received funding for 45 students eligible under the ‘Ever 6’ principle, a total of £42075 (£935 per pupil).

Seven ‘Services’ children also received funding totalling £2100 (£300 per pupil)

This funding was spent in the following ways:



Expected outcome

Department capitation additional allowance

To allow departments to lead interventions and provide additional support materials for PP pupils

All departments raise performance of PP pupils

Pupil counselling

To provide emotional support and liaise with external agencies where appropriate

Ensuring the emotional wellbeing of any PP student

Literacy programmes

To support any identified literacy concerns 

Improved literacy skills evidenced in English and throughout the curriculum

Educational Psychology support

To provide specialist support for any identified Psychological concerns


School trips

To ensure all PP students have access to the full range of school trips and visits

Full inclusion in both subject specific and extra-curricular trips and visits


To ensure all PP students are appropriately dressed for school, including PE kit and subject specific materials

Remove any potential issues relating to inappropriate uniform and/or school materials

Extra-curricular activities

To provide access to a range of extra-curricular activities including music lessons

Increased uptake/engagement with extra—curricular activities, helping to improve self-esteem, confidence and improve subject performance where relevant

One-to-one support

To provide focused one-to-one support as identified in a range of subjects (eg. Language assistant support in MFL)

Improved performance in any subject areas identified where support has taken place

Enhanced pastoral provision via the Key Stage Assistant Head teacher and Learning Manager

To ensure that each Key stage has a dedicated non-teaching member of staff available throughout the school day to support the needs of all students, especially those with SEND or those in receipt of PP. This includes the analysis of progress data and subsequent planning of support and interventions


Student Support Centre costs

To subsidise the cost of running our Student Support Centre, which facilitates much of the one-to-one support and co-ordinates a range of pastoral care, including monitoring attendance and organising counselling etc.


2014/15 Outcomes

GCSE results (Year 11) 7 Students eligible for Pupil premium (6 ‘Ever 6’ and 1 ‘Services’)



All students

In school variation


% 5  A*-C

inc. En & MA

86 (1 student didn’t gain this measure)



PP Nat. Avg. 36

Nat. Avg. ‘variation’ - 27

% A*-A





100% of disadvantaged pupils made expected progress or better in GCSE English compared to 93% of the total cohort

86% of disadvantaged pupils made expected progress or better in GCSE Maths compared to 91 % of the total cohort

The in school variation for students achieving A*-A reduced by 9%, demonstrating a ‘closing of the gap’ in performance between students in receipt of PP and the cohort as a whole.

2015/16 Proposal

During the financial year 2015-16 SLGGS received £45410 pupil premium funding based on 46 students receiving £935 and 8 ‘service’ pupils receiving £300.

We will continue to provide additional support, monitoring and interventions as detailed in the 2014/15 spending plan.