Health and Wellbeing

Healthy Schools Initiative

Our aim:

To work together to promote the health and well-being of pupils, staff and visitors to our school

To commit to the principles of the Healthy School Programme by developing an ethos and environment that supports learning and promotes the health and wellbeing of all

Our school understands that a healthy, emotionally resilient person will achieve, gain confidence and become a valuable member of the school community. A Healthy School involves its children, young people, staff, parents/carers and governors in making the learning environment a vibrant and exciting place. Our school has been awarded National Healthy School Status (NHSS) as we have achieved excellence in all of the following outcomes:

  • Personal, social and health education including sex and relationship and drugs education
  • Healthy eating
  • Physical activity
  • Emotional health and well-being

We undertake an annual review to maintain the foundation of health and well-being which we have already achieved through National Healthy School Status (NHSS). This enables us to check whether the Healthy Schools work is being embedded through the whole school approach. The outcomes of the annual review help to develop our enhancement plan to support the well-being of pupils, staff and visitors to our school.

Please feel free to email if you have any questions about the healthy school agenda. The websites below are also particularly helpful if you wish to look into specific areas of the agenda.