Vision Statement

A vision for Simon Langton Girls’ Grammar School  

Simon Langton Girls’ Grammar School is committed to providing an outstanding learning experience.  Students are supported to fulfil their academic potential, and encouraged to develop creativity, confidence and character.

We aim for our students to  leave us as compassionate and independent, committed to making valuable contributions to their communities and with a love of learning and curiosity that will continue throughout their lives. Within our nurturing environment they are supported to take risks, learn from mistakes, to be resilient in adversity and self-motivated. They are encouraged to take on leadership roles throughout their time with us in order to prepare them to be the leaders of tomorrow, whatever their individual strengths.

  1. Teaching and Learning

Students learn in a culture of high academic expectation.  With an emphasis on formative assessment shaping individual learning, students are expected to go beyond the limits of their curriculum to explore areas of personal interest and challenge.   Opportunities to reflect on, and evaluate, their learning will be provided for all students, with student voice groups involved in all areas of school life. 

  1. Curriculum and beyond

A core curriculum, rigorous in its academic emphasis and broad in its focus, is provided for all students at all levels. A structured programme of enrichment throughout the school aims to improve awareness and identity, develop talents and potential, build human capital and facilitate employability, and to enhance quality of life and contribute to the realisation of dreams and aspirations.  Our strong tradition of engagement with the arts recognises the importance of art to the personal wellbeing and cultural enfranchisement of all.  Building on ten years' recognition through the Artsmark Gold Award, supported by our specialism in music, we promote expressions of creativity in all areas of the curriculum and encourage extra-curricular participation in the arts for all students, with a particular focus on fostering self-confidence and stimulating imagination and integrative thinking. 

  1.  Support

Attentive and approachable form tutors are pivotal in ensuring that every student receives the level of care they need.  Our dedicated Student Support Centre and Learning Managers  work collaboratively with teaching staff to continue to develop individualised day-to-day provision, including specialised support for vulnerable students.   6th form students  play a key role in supporting the lower years,  as Form Guardians, Peer Mentors and Subject Mentors.

As students move through the school they  have access to personalised careers advice and guidance and feel prepared for both the rigours of higher education and the demands of the workplace.   

  1. Collaboration/Partnerships

Social barriers to accessing grammar education will be addressed through our work with feeder primary schools, with the aim of raising the aspirations of all children and ensuring successful transition. As the lead school in the Canterbury Teaching Alliance, and the lead school designated as the Kent & Medway Science Learning Partnership, we  ensure that  schools learn from, and with, each other.    


Our school motto "Meliora Sequamur" (let's aim for better things) underlines the school's continued commitment to excellence.  Our vision for the school is to continue the 800 year-old tradition of achieving high academic distinction, learning civilized and humane values and developing the personality and character of our students to allow them to go on to play a leading role in the wider world.