Entry criteria for subject:

Students wishing to complete an EPQ at the end of Year 12 need to be meeting their target grades. Student’s will be discouraged from completing an EPQ if:

-Their most recent predicted grades indicate that they are below their target grades in two or more subjects

-Their most recent predicted grades indicate that they are below their target grade by two grades or more in any one of their AS subjects

These entry criteria are designed to ensure that completing an EPQ will not have an adverse effect on a student’s A2 subjects. Completing an EPQ involves a lot of time and effort and some students are often best advised to focus on their main A-Levels, as these are what universities and future employers focus on most.

Link to other subjects/degrees/careers:

Completing an EPQ will benefit any student wishing to study at university, as it develops their research, analytical, evaluative and independent working skills. Furthermore, if a student completes an EPQ on a topic related to their future career plans, this could support job applications and provide them with the experience or knowledge necessary for the field.

Skill/competencies developed:

By completing an EPQ, students will develop their analytical, evaluative and academic research skills. They will also become proficient at managing their time, working independently, writing dissertations, referencing sources and carrying out first-hand research.

Content (broken down by units at AS/A2):

The EPQ is not broken down into separate units. It essentially consists of an independent project carried out solely by the student. Students are able to choose the format that best suits them; formats included a 5000 word dissertation, a 5000 word scientific report, a 1000 word essay supplemented with an artefact (e.g. a sculpture, series of paintings) or a 1000 word essay supplemented with a performance (e.g. a choreographed dance routine, a play). Students can complete an EPQ on any topic, provided that it doesn’t overlap too much with their chosen A-Levels.

The EPQ is popular with university admissions tutors and is the equivalent to an AS level in that it attracts the same amount of UCAS points as an AS (i.e. 60 points for an A grade; 50 points for a B grade, etc). However, the EPQ is considered to be of A2 standard in terms of its academic rigour. Students who wish to complete an EPQ will be assigned a teacher supervisor who will guide them through the EPQ process, whilst not directing them too much.