A Level Appeal Information

Please be aware that on 17/08/20, the government essentially adopted the Scottish model for your A-Level results.

·         This means that your A-Level result for each subject will now be whichever grade is the higher of the teacher-submitted centre assessed grade (CAG) and the exam board’s standardised grade (which was generated using an algorithm). 

·         Your results will, therefore, not get any worse from what they were last week, and you may see one or more grades improve as a result.

I am conscious that if you had not already asked to know your CAGs then you may not know whether to expect your grades to improve.

We are, therefore,  intending to reissue results this afternoon from about 1.30pm in the Hall.  A similar process to results day last week, collecting an envelope with your name on it, containing a sheet showing the grades as they now stand.  The envelopes will be able to be collected tomorrow as well.  Any uncollected envelopes at the end of Thursday will get posted home.

CAGS and UCAS grades

In order to avoid any uncertainty, please be aware that the centre assessed grades (CAGs) may not necessarily be the same as your UCAS predicted grades.  The UCAS grades were generated in September, generally indicate an optimistic interpretation of what teachers expected you to achieve and in some cases may have been revised upwards through appeal from the teachers’ predictions.  The CAGs were generated at a later point in the year when the teachers had more evidence to draw from, more of the course had been completed, and the trajectory of student progress could have followed several possible paths since September – in other words, a lot could have changed since the UCAS predicted grades were recorded.  When schools were instructed to generate the CAGs, they were asked to be as realistic as possible (rather than as optimistic as possible).  For all of those reasons, although they could be the same grade, it would be wrong to expect that they automatically have to be the same grade.

Mock grades

We are trying to clarify whether it is still possible to submit a mock-based appeal.  Yesterday’s announcement made no mention of this, which might suggest that this has been removed as an option.  As and when we have a definitive answer I will send another email to give you another update.


We will be trying to submit all other types of appeal as soon as possible over the course of the next few days, ideally before Thursday.  If you had indicated that you wanted the school to appeal on your behalf, but now do not want that to happen can you email Mrs Howe and myself to let us know.

For a number of you, this may have resolved your issues with results and progression to university.  For some of you, there may still be lots of things to resolve and conversations with universities that need to be had as soon as possible.  For that reason I will deliberately avoid using an overly cheerful sign-off at the end of this email.

Universities will be receiving updated results through UCAS in due course, but this has not happened yet.

Please do make use of the support available to you – Mrs Semlyen, Mr Senechal, etc… 

Kind regards,

Mr Sherman

NB - Any results that are not collected on 13th August will be posted home to the address that we hold on SIMS.