Our Curriculum

The Langton curriculum can be summed up in one word: challenge. This challenge will come in many ways, both academic and personal, and will prepare girls for their future personal and professional lives. We recognise the importance of examinations, but also consider the wider ethos and culture of the school as essential in developing the personal attributes vital to future success.

Our students learn in a culture of high academic expectations, both theirs and ours, and are expected to go beyond the curriculum to explore areas of individual interest and challenge. All girls study a ‘traditional’ range of subjects, delivered by teachers with the subject specialism and freedom to inspire. We offer a wide range of GCSE, A Level and Cambridge Pre-U courses, with many opportunities for girls to extend and deepen their learning through societies and research projects as they progress through the school.

Alongside this curriculum our students engage in a programme of ‘cultural literacy’, the Intellectual Vision and Endeavour (IVE) programme. This is designed to broaden their intellectual horizons, encouraging them to understand and link different disciplines and ideas as they become conversant with key thinkers and concepts.

The curriculum at Langton Girls’ empowers our students, developing them into independent and autonomous learners. They leave us as strategic thinkers, resilient, confident and compassionate, proud members of a long line of Langton women.

KS3 Department Information can be found HERE

GCSE and A Level Course Information can be found HERE

Key Stage 3

Mathematics, combined science, English, two MFLs (from French, German, Spanish), physical education, history, computer science, geography, religious education, music, art, food technology, design technology, textiles, PSHEE.

In Year 8 all girls study Latin.

In Year 9, science is taught as physics, biology and chemistry. Girls start their GCSE timetable from Term 6 of Year 9.

In Year 9 girls undertake a set of mini-options, which ensure breadth is maintained in their curriculum, but that they are able to cover subjects in increased depth. 

Key Stage 4

All girls study a core GCSE curriculum of: mathematics, science (either individual sciences or Trilogy) a language and English (language and literature). In addition they study, although are not examined in, religious education, physical education, PSHEE, including careers guidance.

Three more GCSE are chosen from: French, German, Spanish, Latin, music, history, computer science, geography, classical civilization, religious studies, physical education, art, design engineering:DT, textiles, and drama.

AS level dance and GCSE Greek are also available and taught as extra-curricular options in addition to these choices.