Remote Learning Information

Further to Mr Pollard’s recent emails I wanted to write and update you regarding our plans for remote learning from Monday.

You may recall the guidance I sent out to you all last term; at the time this was based on the assumption that students would only be absent from school for no more than two weeks at a time. As with everything regarding the pandemic, things have changed quickly and substantially to a position where sadly, students will now be learning remotely for at least five consecutive weeks. Therefore, we have reviewed our previous guidance and made some amendments with the intention of maintaining a well-balanced provision for the students to ensure that whilst they receive the best possible remote academic provision, specific periods are built in to help reduce their time in front of a screen.

The attached document provides more details of our Remote Learning plans from Monday. We would welcome any feedback from you regarding your child/children’s remote learning and will be seeking student feedback on a daily basis through their form tutor periods. If you do have any subject specific concerns then in the first instance could you please email the relevant Head of Department; email addresses can be found on our school website HERE

There have also been a few minor changes to some of the students’ timetables this term, reflecting our move to the new building and minor staffing changes. You and your child/children will receive a copy of their new timetable before the weekend so they will know what lessons to expect on Monday.

The key changes to our previous guidance are outlined briefly below:

  • Students will largely follow their normal school lesson timetable but lessons will start with Period 1 at 8:50 (not tutor period)
  • Tutor periods will be moved to the end of the day at 3.00pm with a specific focus on checking in with all students and giving them the opportunity to feedback on how their remote learning is progressing
  • All students will have a common lunchtime from 1:10pm – 2pm
  • On two afternoons a week, lessons will end after Period 4 (1.10) based on a rolling rota (included in the guidance attached) and we will be providing a number of suggested activities for the students to undertake, focusing on their mental and physical well-being.
  • Conscious of the length of time it can take for students to complete work remotely, we will not be setting any homework for Years 7-11 in addition to the work completed during lessons. Sixth form homework will be limited to two hours per subject per week.

In sending this out to you all, I couldn’t help but reflect on just over nine months ago when we first entered lockdown and the months that followed. Despite the many difficulties faced, I do remember fondly the unfaltering support we, as a school, and your children, received from you in helping to maintain their education as best as possible. Once again, as we find ourselves in a similarly challenging position, we greatly appreciate your continued commitment in helping us to ensure every Langton student is able to continue with their learning.

We have also received communication from the Department for Education this week regarding increasing student data allowances via their mobile phones during the lockdown - . If you think this would be something that would benefit your child’s remote learning then please do read through the guidance and let us know so we can register them for it.

Finally, I would like to stress the importance we have always placed on our students’ well-being. The Langton family is central to our ethos and the sense of belonging this engenders is undoubtedly the foundation for all students’ achievements and successes, be they academic or indeed in any and every branch of life. We will do all we can to ensure this continues and eagerly anticipate the return of them all to finally enjoy their stunning new school. Our Pastoral team will continue to offer support to all students and if you do have any pastoral or well-being concerns then please don’t hesitate to contact the relevant Pastoral Manager.

Kind regards,

Rob Green


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