The Student Welfare System

The Student Welfare System

The Form Tutors, Learning Manager and Assistant Head Teacher in each Key Stage work closely together to establish the unique Langton ethos so important to the emotional and academic development of our students. Each plays an important role in the day-to-day lives of your child.

Whilst working with and supporting all students in a variety of different ways, some of the more frequent aspects of their role are outlined below, helping you decide who to contact should the need arise. If you feel the need to contact any member of the student welfare team or a subject teacher then please email and put the name of the member of staff as the subject

Key Stage 3 and 4

Form Tutors

Your daughter’s Form Tutor will see her every morning and most lunch times. They get to know the girls in their form quickly, acting as both an academic and pastoral point of support. They are the first person your daughter will speak to if she has a problem. For most questions and concerns they are the first point of contact for parents by email 

Learning Manager

The Learning Manager oversees the day-to-day welfare of the girls. Working closely with the Form Tutors and Assistant Heads, they focus particularly on issues of attendance, pastoral support and behavioural concerns. They are often the first person to contact home, and the first point of contact for parents with more serious concerns.

Assistant Head teacher

Each Key Stage has an Assistant Head teacher attached. They are responsible for the curriculum and academic needs of the girls, through liaison with Heads of Departments, and also work closely with the Learning Managers with more serious student welfare concerns. 

Sixth Form 

We firmly believe that an effective and well organised student welfare system is vital to help support students succeed in the sixth form. As with the lower school system, the sixth form is organised into tutor groups each allocated to a form tutor, with a learning manager and Assistant Head teacher responsible for both personal and academic support. As with the lower school, students have a regular morning tutor period with their form tutor, and two lunch time tutor periods per week. 

Who do I contact if…


My daughter is unwell and unable to attend school

Contact Student Support – by phone 01227 463711 (ext. 281)

by email 

Please remember to contact on the first day of absence, and at least every other day until they return to school. They will need to bring a note with them to explain their reason for absence even if you have telephoned every day. If it’s easier, you can send an email when they return to school.

My daughter needs to leave school early for a medical/dental appointment

Send in a letter/email to student support. Your daughter will need to collect an offsite pass and sign out at Student Support before leaving.

My daughter is struggling with homework

If the concern is specific to a particular subject, please contact the individual teacher concerned by sending an email to and putting the teacher’s name as the subject. If they need more time to complete work due to commitments or problems outside of school, they should speak to their teacher before  their homework due date. If it is a concern covering a number of subjects, contact the Assistant Head Teacher or the Learning Manager for your daughter’s Key Stage.

As a guide, students in Year 7 should have homework tasks that take 15 minutes each, 20 minutes in Year 8 and 25 minutes in Year 9. They all have a homework timetable that sets out which subjects they will receive homework for each day. In Year 10 and 11 homework is set when applicable, and the time required to complete it will vary depending on the task.

I am worried that my daughter is being bullied

Contact the Learning Manager for your daughters Key Stage:

Key Stage 3 – Years 7, 8 and 9 – Mrs Jull

Key Stage 4 – Years 10 and 11 – Mrs Young

Key Stage 5 – Years 12 and 13 – Mrs Bramwell

I would like to request a leave of absence for my daughter

Write a letter/send an email to the head teacher, Mrs Robinson. All requests are dealt with on an individual basis in accordance with government guidelines and the school's attendance policy.

I need to notify the school about a change of address or contact details

Please send in a letter to your daughter’s tutor, or call into reception and ask them to amend your details. It is especially important that you remember to tell us if telephone or email contacts change, as these are the most common ways that the school will make contact with you.


I feel unwell or have an accident

If you are in a lesson, tell the teacher.  If you are not in a lesson, go to Student Support.

I lose something, like my pencil case

Check the lessons you have been in that day and check that someone in your form has not picked it up for you. If you still have not found it, check whether it’s been handed in at Student Support or passed on to your Learning Manager.

I am late for school

Go to your Key Stage area to sign in. You will need to collect a late slip. If it is after 9.30 you will need a note to explain why you are late. 

Other pupils pick on me

This happens very rarely and you should tell your form tutor or Learning Manager immediately and it will be stopped. 

I have forgotten something I need? (book/homework/PE kit etc)

Tell your teacher at the beginning of the lesson. 

I find it hard to organise myself and my homework

Talk to your Tutor.  There are lots of ways that we can help you to get organised, but you do need to let us know that it’s a problem. 

I have a problem with my uniform

See your Learning Manager. 

I am finding work/homework difficult

Speak to your class teacher. It’s very important that they know if you’re struggling so that they can organise ways to support you.

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